alt=International Peace Event and Birthday Celebration

What does it take to raise a village? At Ivory’s Rock it took the support of many local services to provide the first-rate accommodation, food and services to close on 4,000 people who attended the Peace Event that ran for five days from 11th to 15th September with daily talks by Keynote Speaker, Prem Rawat.


Last Year’s Peace Event 2016 A Celebration of 50 Years

The annual Peace Event last year in September, 2016 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the start of international Peace Ambassador, Prem Rawat's outstanding work around the world conveying his message that individual, personal peace is possible.

More than 4200 people travelled from 60 countries around the world to attend the five day celebration at Ivory's Rock Conventions and Events Centre.

In his talks, Prem Rawat reflected on the phenomenal work done throughout the last five decades around the world and he spoke, as always, of Peace as a fundamental need. The audience was ever-appreciative of these invaluable reminders and a generally great time was had by all.