For more than 25 years, sponsor support has helped to make Prem Rawat's message available throughout Australia AND provided a solid foundation for the provision of ‘Amaroo’, the learning centre and event venue at Ivory’s Rock.  

This continued in 2017.

The meter here shows progress made at end October towards the target for the year.  (Set on the basis of a magnificent effort in 2016).

Monthly shortfalls incurred before September were made up during the International Event at Ivory's Rock where sponsorship presentations were made at two large meetings and to numerous smaller groups throughout the week of the event. The very generous response by attendees made up the 'slack'.

Now we need to guard against further shortfalls and ... 'bring it home' !

Would you like to be a part of this magnificent effort?  Well, you can - simply click here to make a donation of any amount or join the team of regular monthly sponsors.  

Your support is the backbone of the Foundation and greatly appreciated.

Thank you

The Australian Sponsor Support Team

The ‘Keep on Celebrating – Final 2017 Raffle’ offers the last opportunity this year to win one of four great cash prizes - a big $3000 first prize, $1000 second prize and two $500 third prizes. In the last raffle our winners came from four different corners of the globe.

Buying a ticket is a fun way to support the work of Ivory’s Rock Foundation and helps our final fundraising effort for 2017.

Click here to buy a ticket - or a bundle of tickets - for yourself or a friend today. A single ticket is only $10, and the more you buy, the cheaper they get. Choose the $30 Bundle, the $60 Super Bundle, the $100 Mega Bundle or the $170 Uber Bundle and get better odds.

Ticket sales will close on Wednesday 13 December at 6.00pm Brisbane time (AEST) unless all 6,000 tickets are sold before then.

The ‘Keep on Celebrating - Final 2017 Raffle’ will be drawn on Friday 15 December at 6.00 pm Brisbane time (AEST) using an electronic randomizer at

We'll film the draw and put it on Vimeo within approximately 24 hours, so from wherever you are supporting the raffle, you will be able to see the draw for yourself. And of course you'll be notified by mail or email.

Tickets make a great present for the festive season – so keep on celebrating.

Good luck!
The Australian Raffle Team
NB. Your credit card payment goes through Trybooking - the company we use to sell the raffle tickets - but may now appear as Ivory's Rock Foundation on your statement.