Ivory's Rock Update 2023

Dear Friends, 
My name is Rob Donelly and I am the General Manager of Ivory’s Rock (Amaroo)
Ivory’s Rock is like a small city. It has many of the same elements including roads, bridges, housing, town hall and town centre, power, water and sewerage, parks and lakes and of course lots of people coming and going.
The facility is cared for by a small team of paid staff and a large team of volunteers.

These are our main responsibilities:

• Prepare for and have teams in place for Peace Events
• Provide opportunities and care for volunteers
• Run the day to day operations and maintenance
• Plan and develop the site
• Increase business opportunities and commercial potential

2023 Snapshot - projects & plans:

The new Ivory’s Rock Events and Camping web site is up and running! 
We have also updated our branding with new logos, uniforms and venue signs, which look great.
The Welcome Hall buildings are being refreshed too. Repairs have been made, and next steps will be painting and some landscaping.
Two new Camp Kitchens with dining and cooking facilities are nearing completion, thanks to the generosity of sponsors. Our new commercial double BBQ’s should arrive early in January.
Architectural plans are being finalised for an all access Cabin and Dining building at Stockman’s Village (the new name for Orange Campground) Once again, thank you to everyone who supports these Special Projects.
Our focus over the next few months will be family and holiday camping and promoting the Conference Hall to a wide client base. This can be a slow process but it does build over time and creates a professional relationship in the venue industry.
So to wrap up, I would like to say we try to turn every dollar received at Amaroo into two. Staff and volunteers go to great lengths to get ‘bang for buck’.
It’s been an inspiring year for me, working with enthusiastic volunteers and sponsors who enjoy supporting Amaroo.
Thank you
Rob Donelly
If you have time or skills to offer please contact Volunteering on the Contact Form
December 5, 2023
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