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New Year’s Gift! 
for Ivory’s Rock Maintenance

Thanks for your support for the Mighty Mower.
This project is now fully subscribed and the Mighty Mower has now been ordered.

With the success of this initial project, the South Pacific Sponsor team is now setting its sights on helping support a much larger Ivory’s Rock project.  

Any funds received in this interim period will be put towards the next - soon to be announced - special project!

Mowing the grass at Amaroo is a huge ongoing task. Did you know grass can grow 25mm/1 inch per day during the wet season in Queensland! 
This new mower will be able to do the 'finer' work that our existing larger tractors find difficult.  The F2890 Kubotu Front Mower is very manoeuvrable and able to mow closely around buildings and trees, greatly reducing the need for brush-cutters.
 Our Grounds team will save an enormous amount of time and effort, and be able to efficiently maintain all the grassed areas to a high quality.

How to Help

Be a part of this highly practical project- simply donate what you can. 
Help us reach the target of $30,000 AUD by 31st December 2021.
Please write 'Mighty Mower' as a message on the form

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