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Special Projects

Current Fundraising Project - 2023

The Campground Green Bush Kitchen Project

Following on from the success of our Campground Green Cabin prototype project, we are currently closing in on reaching the fundraising target for the campground facilities project in Campgrounds Yellow and Green in the Sandy Creek area of Ivory’s Rock.
Two of the six basic storm shelters, created to provide sheltered spots for campers in the event of stormy weather are being converted to modern, multi-use activity hubs.
New paths being constructed
Imagine being at an event, or camping out at Ivory’s Rock, and having your own kitchen and dining area right there in the campground, surrounded by nature in the day, and under the stars at night. 
No need to go anywhere for breakfast or dinner, as this new ‘bush kitchen’ is right next to you. Just sit back and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, with all the basics covered. This is also very positive for commercial events as well!
Revamp underway!  New paths, new paint, new lights, new look!
An Activity Hub Masterplan!
Let’s get behind the Campground Green Bush Kitchen project! The cost to complete this project is $55,000 and we are almost there!
We have been awarded a Queensland Government Accessible Tourism grant for the wider project, which may help make the overall project a reality even faster!

How to Help

Be a part of this highly practical project - simply donate what you can.
Help us reach AUD $55,000 by end of December 2023.
Please write 'Bush Kitchen' as a message on the form

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Back in the day! The storm shelters as they were.

Completed Fundraising Project - 2023

Cabin Prototype Project

Our most exciting project yet!
For years, Ivory’s Rock (‘Amaroo’) has been challenged by a lack of permanent, fully weather-proof accommodation. For this reason the Campground Orange accommodation with ensuite bathrooms has proved particularly popular.
Now the time has come to meet that challenge head on, and, with your help, this new project will see the construction of the first prototype Campground Cabin at Ivory’s Rock.
What an amazing project! Imagine environmentally-sensitive, well-designed and disability-friendly cabins dotted throughout the green surrounds of the centre.
2023-4 is the Queensland Government's 'Year of Accessible Tourism' in the lead up to the 2032 Olympics in South-East Queensland. So a great time to get moving!
These cabins would also form the basis of a whole new approach to the commercial viability of Ivory’s Rock, outside of peace events.
Sample of a prefabricated Cabin
And our target for this first step, building an initial Cabin prototype - $45,000
This would include connecting to services and landscaping.
Our goal is to have a range of cabin types available around the property.

We are using the principles of environmentally-sensitive design:

  • Placing and arranging buildings with the least impact on the natural environment.
  • Keeping existing trees, making room for landscaping and appropriate planting.
  • Minimising disturbance of the ground for roads and building platforms.
  • Keeping buildings small for less impact (and affordability).
  • Buildings to designed to work as efficiently as possible with the sun.
We are also aiming for buildings to be low maintenance, fire resistant and durable in the harsh Australian environment.
Once the Campground Cabin prototype project is up and running, we will post further pictures and designs, and then keep everyone updated on approvals and ‘next-steps’.
Thank you for your support for the Green Cabin Project.
An Accessible Cabin design has been added to our current Sandy Creek Campground Accessible Infrastructure Grant Application!

Completed Fundraising Project - 2022

The “Dream Machine” All-Terrain Tractor

Thanks for your help in reaching the target of AUD $80,000 so quickly late in 2022. 
The 'Dream Machine' Tractor has now finally arrived, along with all the attachments! It will set the team up to continue protecting and caring for the amazing natural environment that is Amaroo. The driver looks happy too!

Completed Fundraising Project - 2022

Amphitheatre Event Readiness – Fundraising Campaign

The “Amphitheatre Event Readiness - Fundraising Campaign” is now completed. Thank you to all those who contributed to getting the Amphitheatre Ready for Amaroo 2022.
After three long years without an event, the Amphitheatre was in need of quite a bit of repair work to get ready for September.
The shade cloth sails that provide protection from the Queensland sun were in a sorry state. We started with an initial target of A$10,000 to repair the shade sails. The sails are now repaired.
After the success of the ‘Sails’ campaign, we also fundraised more broadly for a further A$26,500 to cover the following items for the Amphitheatre:
  • Repaint the stage (A$10,000)
  • Back stage Carpet replacement (A$2,500)
  • Back stage Ceiling repair (A$6,500)
  • Translation booth upgrade (A$7,500)
The Amphitheatre is now ready!

Completed Fundraising Project - 2022

Refurbishment of the waste water treatment plant - the STP 

  • The STP - A milestone in Infrastructure built in 1999
  • The STP Holding Pond in action
  • The STP Control Room 
  • Major construction work took place from 1998 -1999
  • The Holding Pond under construction in 1998
  • Recycled water sustains the natural environment & wildlife 

The STP - an integral part of Event infrastructure

Constructed in 1998-1999 and designed to treat up to 400,000 litres of waste water per day during major events, this critical part of infrastructure at Ivory’s Rock is now 23 years old and in urgent need of refurbishment.
Without this system, it would be impossible to host large scale events.
Being in a rural location, Ivory’s Rock is not connected to a government sewage system. The centre runs its own Sewage Treatment Plant. (STP) Up to 30,000 litres of clean, recycled water is returned to the natural environment per day, helping to sustain many native animals and plants.
Through a system of three pumping stations, a treated water storage dam, and a network of cleverly designed pipes, the recycled water can travel up to 4.5 kilometres before it feeds the environment through a system of 120 pop-up sprinklers.

Key Objectives:

  • Improve the STP system so as to remain ready to host a major Amaroo Event.
  • Maintain this critical infrastructure so large commercial events can continue.
  • Improve the ageing STP system now to reduce ongoing and compounding maintenance costs, and to allow the system to be monitored remotely and securely.
  • Protect the fragile natural environment of the conference centre, and enhance the provision of recycled water across the property to support the pristine habitat for native species.
Thank you for your support!
We successfully reached the required amount - $29,000 - for first stage of the STP fundraising campaign. Many thanks for your generous support! This Project is a four stage process, which will continue to be rolled out over the next 12 months.
We are excited to announce that this project has now received funding from another source.

Completed Fundraising Project - 2021

The Mighty Mower

The Mighty Mower has now arrived and is in action.

Mowing the grass at Amaroo is a huge ongoing task. Did you know grass can grow 25mm/1 inch per day during the wet season in Queensland! 
This new mower will be able to do the 'finer' work that our existing larger tractors find difficult.  The F2890 Kubotu Front Mower is very manoeuvrable and able to mow closely around buildings and trees, greatly reducing the need for brush-cutters.
 Our Grounds team will save an enormous amount of time and effort, and be able to efficiently maintain all the grassed areas to a high quality.
Thank you for your support!
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