Peak Organics

Peak Organics is situated in the grounds of Ivory's Rock. We are a modest growing project, with Demeter Bio-Dynamic certification, the ultimate in organic growing.
We grow rich nutrient dense produce which we offer to customers through a pre-order system. See below.
Peak Organics partners with like-minded organisations to offer workshops and other learning opportunities.
We welcome volunteers from the community.

Order your organic vegetables and fruit

You can place an order of vegies and fruit each fortnight. New customers are welcome. Please make enquiries through our facebook page
Over the different seasons Peak Organics grows rosellas, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, kale and assorted leafy greens, basil, coriander, mint, rocket, a variety of herbs, lemons, limes, daikon, fennel, okra, beans, peas, sunflowers and moringa.
Additional produce is purchased from a certified organic wholesaler to make the range more extensive and appealing.

Organic Workshops and Events

Peak Organics has been the venue for the Grounded Permaculture Retreat, conducted just prior to the Earth Frequency Festival.
2021 marked the 4th year that we have hosted the Retreat.  Our farm manager Anita Greenwood runs a 'how to build Bio Dynamic compost' sessions and also shares how Peak Organics operates with a 100% volunteer team. 
Ivory's Rock caretaker Ross Higgins is also involved and teaches the 'Leaky Weirs' technique. Ross has been using this system to regenerate eroded gullies onsite, and takes participants on a tour to show the impressive results.
Other events include Bio Dynamic workshops held in conjunction with the Scenic Rim Eat Local Week, and visiting school groups studying biomes and food security.
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