Peace Education Program

"Peace is possible when you start with yourself."
Ivory's Rock Foundation proudly supports the Peace Education Program in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.
The program is a series of 10 video-based workshops, which gives participants an opportunity to understand and utilise more fully their own inner resources. 
Choice, clarity, inner-strength and contentment are just some of the themes explored, with time for participant reflection, discussion and workbook activities.
Globally the Peace Education Program (PEP) has been embraced by not-for-profit and government organisations across 70 countries. From Universities to Health and Correctional facilities, PEP has been proven to be effective in improving people's lives. Read More
Any individual or organisation can apply for a free license to offer the course. The role of facilitator requires no professional qualifications. Our Foundation, in partnership with TPRF offers course support, materials and workbooks at no cost.
If you would like to offer this program learn more here.
In our region over 40 volunteers are involved in facilitating the Peace Education Program in a variety of community groups and government organisations. 
Correctional Facilities in Australia and New Zealand which run the workshops have seen a reduction in violence amongst inmates, and a low incidence of  reoffending.  
Most recently the PEP has been adapted for High School and University students (PEPEDU) with programs now under way in New Zealand schools and universities.


"My peace was taken from me many years ago. I had no idea that it was still there inside me and that I could feel it again. It is so empowering to know that I can."  Correctional Facility, Australia
"Listening to this makes me want to practice my culture."        Drug Rehabilitation centre, Alice Springs
"Several of the individuals have stated that they feel so much better after attending Peace Education classes."
Women's Shelter, USA
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