Learning & Development Update

‘If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together’ – African proverb
2022 has been a productive year for the Learning and Development Team with a new video and on-line materials being developed, and two workshops being hosted at Ivory’s Rock.
It has been wonderful to see the commitment to having the chosen Values of Collaboration, Kindness, Clarity = Enjoyment become the foundation of all we engage in at Ivory’s Rock.
Over the years Amaroo events have presented a challenge for the many volunteers from different countries and cultures to work well together. In response the L&D Team developed ‘Working Together’, an online Quiz for volunteers and contractors. 487 people completed Working Together and 463 completed the Working Safely Quiz.
You are welcome to take the Quizzes by following the links below and please let us know what you think.
From the positive feedback we received, the quiz did help people to work well together and to understand IRF’s Values. There has also been some informal expression of interest in using the quiz in other countries too.
BEAUTIFULLY DONE!! I just completed the 2 quizzes and watched the safety video. Loved the humour and love the "You are more important than the job" messages. Enjoyable and a good way to learn a few things! Cheers Josie P. (Volunteer)

Learning & Development Workshops and Seminars at Ivory’s Rock

In keeping with other organisations and best work practices, a Bullying and Harassment seminar was held in December last year for staff and volunteers at Ivory’s Rock. A 12 min video was developed from the content, which was screened online for the Amaroo Event Management Team. Feedback was positive. We plan for more teams to view it next year.
A ‘Giving & Receiving Feedback' workshop was presented by Sam Bender and Laurence Browne earlier this year and followed up in November with a ‘Communication Skills’ program. Raj Prasad joined Sam and Laurence to facilitate the Communications workshop, with the themes ‘Listening and Assertiveness' - 'Saying what you mean without being mean'
The content was based on a template used by the global Knowledge Session team of which Raj, Sam and Laurence are members, with all being very experienced in the field of communications.
Sam and Laurence role playing poor and good communication skills.
The aim was to provide material that was fun and to bring a ‘light touch’ to the topic. It is hoped that the Communication skills learned are useful for people’s roles within Ivory’s Rock Foundation, and also broadly as life skills.
‘This was such a helpful session to be reminded, renewed and get to practice some skills and learn some new approaches. It will help me to apply and reapply these skills. Thank you!’ Participant comment.
Future Learning & Development workshops are planned which will include more Communication skills as well as possible Team Essentials programs.
On behalf of the IRF Learning & Development team, Jenny, Lorraine, Catherine, Jeffrey, Lloyd and myself, an enormous thank you to those who have engaged so fully and enthusiastically in this process of encouraging enjoyment and respect in our working together.
- Susie King
December 6, 2022
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