Peace Education Program News

PEP Facilitator Orientation and Development

Peace Education Facilitators Development sessions have been taking place in New Zealand, Northern Territory and in Australia by zoom.
In October eleven prospective facilitators who support Indigenous groups attended a one-day PEP orientation in Darwin. Ongoing Facilitator Development and Refreshers will take place in 2023. We are also helping groups customise PEP materials to suit their particular client groups.
PEP orientation in Darwin

PEP EDU (Peace Education Programme for Schools and Universities)

There are eight schools in the PEP EDU pilot, from New Zealand, Australia, India, USA, Austria and the UK. We are in the process of adding schools to the pilot school list. Once we have more schools taking part, a university study will be undertaken to measure the programmes effectiveness.
Students attending the PEP in Auckland

PEP Facilitator Development in Fiji in January 2023

In Fiji Facilitator Development Days are scheduled for January 14th and 15th to build the Facilitator Team. We then plan to identify schools who can pilot the programme in Fiji. We will also work with people who want to facilitate The Peace Education Program in other sectors.

The PEP Zoom Team

The PEP Zoom Team has just completed a PEP Orientation for people who were interested in going through the programme. 106 people signed up for PEP after the Amaroo Event. More PEP Orientations will happen in 2023.

PEP Presentations at Conferences

In November The Peace Education Program was presented by Dawn Rees at the Criminology Conferences in Darwin with Margaret Berman and Harry Scott. The documentary Inside Peace was also shown, which proved to be of interest to many Conference participants.
Earlier in May this year, Jill Maes and Dawn represented PEP at the ‘Communities in Control’ conference in Melbourne. The ‘CIC ‘conference is for community associations and organisations working to empower their communities.
PEP at the ‘Communities in Control’ conference
- Catherine Gavigan
December 6, 2022
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