PEP Update 2023

The Peace Education Program has been enthusiastically received across the South Pacific in 2023.
More facilitators have been trained as a result of the availability of the Facilitator Development Workshops and therefore more programs have been made available in Northern Territory, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and New Zealand.
Peace Education Program materials are being used in more sectors - Corrections, Parole, Youth, Alcohol and Drug, Mental Health, English Language Academies, Schools and Universities
Many communities throughout the South Pacific are also offering the program in their local Libraries and Community Centre’s making the materials more accessible to the general public.
Peace Education Program’s via zoom have also proved popular, again making the materials available to the general public.
PEP EDU for Schools, Colleges and Universities has gone through a revision in 2023 and the new version will be available in January 2024.
We look forward to expanding the reach of the Peace Education Program in 2024.
- Catherine Gavigan
Sth Pacific PEP Team
December 4, 2023
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