Peace Education Program Reflections

"It was empowering recognising my inner feelings for
peace and happiness." Community Centre, Otaki, NZ.
"My peace was taken from me many years ago. I had no idea that it was still there inside me and that I could feel it again. It is so empowering to know that I can."  Correctional Facility, Australia.
"I’ve noticed a difference in my way of thinking and the way I feel - less fear."  Community Centre, Nelson, NZ.
I've never felt that I had to come to the classes. Actually, I really wanted to come, to learn and discuss about peace." English Language School, Brisbane, Australia.
"Listening to this makes me want to practice my culture." Drug Rehabilitation centre, Alice Springs, Australia.
"I enjoyed the simple messages. It's relevance to my life - living a deliberate life rather than one out of habit." Community Centre, Otaki, NZ
"Even if you are from a violent country, or if you had violence in your childhood, it's not an excuse to be violent. You can be the light in the darkness."
English Language School, Brisbane, Australia.
"Making me more aware of my resources. Helping me understand that I have choices and it is up to me."  Community Centre, Nelson, NZ
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In our region over 40 volunteers are involved in facilitating the Peace Education Program in a variety of community groups and government organisations. 
Correctional Facilities in Australia and New Zealand which run the workshops have seen a reduction in violence amongst inmates, and a low incidence of  reoffending.  
Most recently PEP has been adapted for High Schools, Universities and English Language Schools (PEPEDU) Programs now under way in New Zealand, Australia and in other countries around the world.
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